March 2008

So… I’ll be speaking at the Las Vegas Writers conference in April on book cover design. Complete with an overlong Power Point. Yikes. I am excited and terrified. Wish me luck!

The new concept store Borders opened in Las Vegas and they put our books on display in a big way! It seems unprecedented to me to see this many of our books for sale in one place—but there they are. It’s very exciting and I must say gratifying to see my work prominently displayed—and I’m only the designer! I can imagine how the authors feel. Aside from the numbers of titles of our Vegas-centric books I am boggled by the numbers of copies! Wow. Stacks of them. In the first three bays here 80-90% of them are books that I had something to do with, design, production, or that Stephens Press published. They do publish others, but those aren’t in this corner.

If your a graphic designer, or someone who just loves typography and neat stuff this is too cool!