May 2008

My feet hurt! BEA is SO big. And dangerous. I can hardly ever leave a bookstore without books–when I have to PAY for them, so FREE advance copies and thousands of them OMG! Stop me! Having a blast.

I am at my daughter Emily’s house now, we’ll both be going back tomorrow. Judging from her bookshelves and stacks here, she shouldn’t be going either.

I forgot my camera, I’ll try and remember to take it for a pic on Sunday.

We’re back. Today was just booth set up day. We’re all set up—doesn’t look too shabby. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. The expo floor is HUGE! And we saw only a fraction of ONE hall there are two. I’ll be trying to snag a free advance copy of Neil Gaiman’s the Graveyard Book first thing. He’ll be doing a breakfast thing, but I didn’t get a ticket to that. Still, SO MUCH to see! You can’t believe the booths the big boys put up, wow. Like walking in to a whole Borders.

We’ll be taking turns manning or rather WOmaning the booth, and going out to sample the wares. Should be fun. Then in the evening I’ll get to see my eldest daughter who lives in Santa Monica.

Test post from Blog it. I have taken the plunge and signed up for Facebook. I’ve done that so that I can use Blog It which allows you to post one time and have the post show up in one or all of your selected blogs. Here’s seeing if that works!

Well, I am here in SoCal and off to BEA (Book Expo America) in a few minutes. I’m excited. My first time. I know it’ll be big, and my feet will ache after but a few hours, even though I am wearing sensible shoes. I am still excited to see all that there is to see and chat with people in the publishing biz. Not being a New Yawker, we only know what we read in PW… But there are plenty of small publishers in the hinterlands too, and I’ll be just as anxious to see what they’re up to.

I flew into Las Vegas as it was just easier to go straight through there. I got to spend time in the car with my Sis driving to Upland. On the way I read to her from an antique book that her hubby picked up at a junk shop. The book, “A Gil Blas in California” is by Alexander Dumas. Written in French in 1852 and translated to English and republished in a very limited edition in 1933. It’s really very interesting, and funny—though I’m not sure it was intended to be. It features a young French fellow who goes off to the gold-fields of 1849 California. Serendipitously, I have begun some research into a related subject which I hope to turn into a book—someday.

This all feeds into my long held belief that everything happens for a reason — everything.

And now I am off to see what BEA has to teach me.
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