You suddenly had the means to support yourself without going to that pesky job? Not like lottery winnings, we could all fantasize about how our lives would change with immense wealth. But enough to maintain your current style of life (or maybe a smidge better). What would you do with the time to do what you want?

Would you work anyway, save and invest in making your life more materially successful? Would you travel, and see and do things others only dream of? Would you change your social life–maybe make it more, or less, active? Or find a new circle of friends?

Would you go back to school, learn something you’ve always been interested in, but never pursued, something say impractical like . . . archeology? Would you write the great American novel? Create art? Laze around in a hammock with a Corona? What?

I’ve often said that given no time constraints, and no other distractions, I’d write, and art, and maybe do some hammock time. And travel some—but not maniacally—slowly, savoring the places, peoples, culture, and foods.

Last night, I didn’t sleep. Yet another story idea badgered me all night long. I don’t know why they bother—I’ve never enough uninterrupted time to devote to finishing one. So I guess that’s what I’d do—finish some of these darn stories, and get some sleep.

What would YOU do?