twslogoSo given the spirited discussion we had about this subject last Saturday at my Writer’s Meetup group, I encourage those members to listen to this episode of The Writing Show in which Paula B. interviews Jennifer Silva Redmond, Editor-in-Chief of Sunbelt Publications, an award-winning small press that celebrates the natural and cultural history of the Californias. What she has to say backs up some of my points and reiterates some of what Carolyn Hayes Uber was saying in her interview here. If you ever want to be published you can’t afford to ignore what people in the business say they want, and maybe even more when they tell us what kind of behaviors really tick them off. After all, it may be their jobs to give your submissions fair consideration, but remember that their time is limited and the volume of demands on their time is tremendous. Why on earth would you want to do ANYTHING that would make it more difficult for them or annoy the very people whom you NEED to champion your work? Hmm?