Here’s project I’m working on. This book Sun, Sin & Suburbia: An Essential  History of Modern Las Vegas by Geoff Schumacher has done well. It’s in its third printing and is now going to go into paperback. This is the time a book often gets a new cover. Why? Well in this case, the book has been revised and expanded so it’s almost like a new edition. But often books released in different formats simultaneously are given different cover in each iteration.

The reasoning is that the cover functions as the billboard for the book, and as such it attracts the chosen audience. A paperback might have a little bit different demographic to appeal to than a hardbound book. Books released in different countries also have completely different covers—to appeal to the cultural idiosyncracies of the country of release. Some books have been released for both adult and children’s markets, Harry Potter for instance. In that case, in Britain the covers for the adult version were different from the children’s versions. Though, in the US there was only one version of the books—which bore a different cover than either of the British versions.

Our book Sun, Sin & Suburbia is now going on five years old. Aside from the new material and format it was time for a freshening up.

Here are the old version (on the left) and the new version of the covers. I welcome comments on the change!