A study done by the Connecticut State University shows the list of the most literate cities (over 250K pop.) Topping the list:
1. Minneapolis, MN
2. Seattle, WA
3. St. Paul, MN
4. Denver, CO
5. Washington, DC

A variety of criteria was used. Educational attainment, numbers of booksellers, library circulation, etc.
Lower rankings:
7. San Francisco, CA
10. Boston, MA
28. New York, NY
30. Colorado Springs, CO
40. Chicago, IL
43. Las Vegas, NV
53. Los Angeles, CA

Perhaps those long cold winters in Minnesota make for good reading weather. Though nearby Milwaukee, WI, ranks only 34.5. (Too much beer and football?) I would have thought that these other lower ranked cities would have done better, Boston, home of Harvard? New York, heart of the publishing industry itself?

For the rest of the list and the methodology visit: CCSU-America’s Most Literate Cities