Well the first “official” day of research went well. I scooted over to the library and spent a few hours. Yes I know I could do a lot online and I will, but I just needed to physically get away from my other work and concentrate on the task ahead.

What I learned is that there is a helluva lot already written on my subject area (Gold) and in many different areas of the Dewy decimal system. I am however, undaunted. Still the wide-eyed innocent— humor me. Somehow I am certain my book will be different than all these others and some publisher will just fall all over themselves to get me to sign! Haha. I’m not that naive. Still I will proceed with starting the darn thing and at least writing enough to get a sense of what it will be, draft a compelling query and proposal, and design enough of it to include in the proposal—because THAT’s my hook (or a part of it). And see what happens.

I sat for a couple of hours reading a biography, and wrote a first draft of a sidebar that may or may not make it into the book.

Took a bunch of books home mostly from one section of the aforementioned Dewy, along with a rather good subject area documentary on DVD. This I watched for the remainder of the afternoon. I now have a ton of reading and note-taking to do.

And then there’s all the BEA galleys . . . my reading cup runneth over. Well I haven’t set a time limit for any of this, so it’s all good. Lost doesn’t come back until, what? September? There’s really nothing else I care to watch on TV so that distraction I can live without. So far so good. Gotta go read. . . .