Crazy you say. Perhaps. But it’s all the time I can spare. And I am saying it out loud now, so I will actually have to start doing it. I even sent an email to work:

I’ve come to a momentous decision. I will be reserving Fridays for research and writing on MY book. For the forseeable future actually. I will be working 10 hour days (or whatever it takes) on Mon. through Thurs. to keep my paying work on track/schedule. Fridays I won’t be working, or answering emails, unless it a real emergency—meaning if I don’t do it RIGHT THEN we’ll miss a deadline or something. If you really need something on a Friday put EMERGENCY in your subject line. I’ll do it on Friday then, unless I am on a research field trip—which could happen—I’ll be in the library a lot (just to get outta here in addition to research).

I may even blog about this saga —or not. Depending. Anyway, I start tomorrow.