Whew. Sorta glad that’s over. All my fretting over my presentation was actually worth it. There were a few glitches, lights that wouldn’t dim. They were either OFF or ON. On made the slides look wimpy and off made the notes rather hard to read. And then I forgot the damn power cord, but luckily my battery made it through both my show and Carolyn’s before giving out completely literally at the last slide!

The second time through went better, and I was able to skip through stuff that just went too long. Nobody fell asleep—a fine measure of success! My presentation was on book cover design and I wasn’t too sure how much writers would be interested in such a topic. I had a few people stay to ask questions and a few complimentary comments—so it’s all good.

The conference was interesting. There sure are a lot of people wanting to be published. In spite of the facts to the contrary, people still want to believe they can make a living as a published author. Who are we to burst that bubble? It DOES still happen on occasion. Though the ones that seem to be making it are ones who love the marketing of their work once it’s published. The best of them are public speakers and get themselves booked to speak at every opportunity. I did hear several times though—I just want to stay home and write. Well, good, but don’t expect to be selling a bunch of books that way.

I finally met in person Betty Auchard (author of Dancing in my Nightgown) such a sweet woman. And, what talker and social butterfly. This 75+ lady was the belle of the ball she was pals with everyone by the end, and even attracted the attention of the best looking fella in the place young Nik the greek! Pictured below.