Well, I had a pretty good time last night. There was a launch party for Norm! Clarke’s book. “Vegas Confidential” I simply batted clean up on this one. Did some redesign and layout and got it ready for press. The book is about the Vegas entertainment scene, part where to go and what to do mixed with gossip about where the celebs go and what they do. If you Denverites remember ever reading Norm!s column in the Rocky there, that’s what it was about, but the Denver celebs aren’t nearly as flambouyant.

He writes a similar column now in Vegas. Here’s a link to Norm’s column today: http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2004/Aug-13-Fri-2004/news/24528528.html

So the party was at ‘ghostbar’ at the Palms hotel. That’s one of those places that you can’t get into unless you are rich and famous, or 21 and gorgeous preferrably both. Norm and 400 of his closest friends had the place to ourselves. *warning–names about to be dropped* Actually his friend George Maloof (owner of the Palms and a couple other hotels) threw the party for Norm. So this bar is on the 55th floor of the hotel that is just north of the strip. That affords it a wonderful view of the lights and the entire valley in all directions. There is a glass window in the floor of the balcony that everyone dares you to stand on and look down 55 stories. (something of a rush actually) I’m told that this one of the places that Paris Hilton likes to hang out. SHE wasn’t there but a whole lot of wannabees and usedtabees were there. Robin Leach (the old lifestyles of the richnfamous dude) and his blonde entourage was there. He’s old and plump n dumpy nowadays. The Lt. Gov. of Nevada who looks just like Anne Miller (the now dead tap dancer) was there with Marty Allen (the ancient wild haired comedian (he used to hang with the Rat Pack), Cook E Jar–some veteran Vegas comedian, and Frank somebody who I’m told is the most famous female impersonator (he does Joan Rivers). A bunch of the news on-air personalities showed and 3 stations turned up to film. Sigfried sans Roy showed up, and I’m told this was his second only ‘public” appearance since Roy’s run in with the kitty cat. There were probably a whole bunch of others there that had some claim to fame, but I certainly didn’t know who they were.

We showed up early of course to help set up and we were out numbered by the security (aka bouncers) in this place. They were all dressed in black and looked intimidating. Then as the party got started a dozen beautiful young women in Paris Hilton type garb (or the lack thereof) waltzed in enmass to show off their “assets”. They apparently are vying for the title of “Miss Palms” with whatever acoutrements that entails.

After the party, we went upstairs to the very top of the Palms for dinner at Alize. I’ll have to share that story later cuz I actually have work to do. So hey girls…yeah, I like my new job. Next week I’m off to Hong Kong. Really.