Tomorrow I fly off to Vegas again. Mostly work. Couple of book launches. One will be special I think. It’s the autobiography of Marta Becket, the ballerina who gave up her career, which to be fair was mostly over by then, moved to Death Valley restored an old theater, painted her own audience on the walls and created her own one woman ballets. She’s 82 now and still dances en pointe. Unbelievable. She’s frail, and thin, and seems like a bit of wind would blow her away. But still she perserveres when all around her the town has up and gone, or died. And she’s it. She still paints too. She is consumed by her art, or lives through it and it through her. It is an inspiring story and to be with her is strange but uplifting. Anyhow her book debuts the opening night of her ballet season. Her last season? It’s hard to say…perhaps she’s done a self portrait that hangs in her attic. (Y’know like Dorian Gray.)

Here’s the book cover I did for her. I like it a lot. she was and is a beautiful woman.

My eldest emmaleethenurse will be meeting me in Vegas. That will be nice to see her again. She’s going to the ballet with us. I sure hope the ballerinia lives through the show!!! (At least we’ll have a nurse in the audience.)

I decided I’m happy with my painting afterall. And I am ready to do another, just need some time.
I’ve been copying and renaming files for the last few days and bored to tears with that. But it needs to be done. Need to get all the shit work done so I can get back to designing stuff.

Another book, Long Journey from Wikame is finished, I just received my preview copy. Pretty happy with it and I’ll be meeting with the author next week. This one is an art/poetry book. It’s pretty nice, turned out well. The subject matter isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s about a Native American creation myth. The art is pretty good. I’ll post a link to it when the website gets up.

Also we’ll be launching a novel by a Vegas cop at some night club. I haven’t actually read that one yet. Though I did work on the design. Meh, it happens. You can actually design a book without paying too much attention to what’s in it.