Yea, so this morning I dreamt that W. was on some cement bridge like structure. He’s standing there looking all manly and presidential, and suddenly the thing starts to crumble and fall apart. Where upon said president falls to his doom smacking his head rather graphically on a concrete beam on the way DOWN, a LONG ways DOWN, in slow motion.

And I was horrified. Truly. I mean there were a lot of other guys up there with him.

Gee. I hope the thought police aren’t reading my blog. Think I should have picked another title?

I don’t want him to die. To go on a long vacation for say 3 more years? Yeah. But I don’t wish him a horrifying death, along with a bunch of blue collar innocent bystanders, who even though they likely voted for the man, don’t deserve to plunge to their deaths for it. I mean, they didn’t know…

So this is what happens when I remember my dreams. Huh.