Posted 7/7/04
So I decided it would be fun to go to an oil painting class. And Missy is going too.

I haven’t painted all that muchreally, and except for Emily’s picture, not at all in recent years. I had never painted in oils. Oil painting is a bit different from Gouche or Acryllic or water color. Those dry really fast and I have never been very good with them either, but I had learned how to layer paint a little. With oils the paint takes a loooong time to dry and so you can do some blending on the canvas. It also means that you have to wait until it’s dry to do little details…I’ve learned that so far.

So the first three classes were a series of excercises in value, hue, and saturation. Cubes and a color wheel. Then we got to do a still life in black and white. Boring stuff, but challenging to those of us who don’t know how to handle paint. Last week we did a color still life. I don’t really like still life as subject matter, but this is for practice and I need that. Besides no animals were harmed in the creation of this piece. It didn’t come out that bad really.