I’ve been reading the theory message boards for LOST Whew! The one that seems to suck everyone in, but is the dumbest, is the numbers Genetic mystery twin thing.

But Missy I thing you are on to something with the religious connection. There are just so many clues. The whole good vs. evil thing first off.

St. Sebastian is associated with the Black Plague, and the burning of bodies was common then–“ashes, ashes, we all fall down”. The Black smoke? There are 108 beads on a Rosary and the total of the numbers = 108. (There are also 108 beads on a Buddist prayer rosary too, interestingly.)

In the stadium Desmond says to Jack, “lift it up” a phrase often used as metaphor for praying. Jack’s Dad says, “A fool’s hope is still hope.”

Locke’s whole man of faith, and destiny deal? I dunno… I still haven’t decided if Locke is good or evil. But I am pretty sure that Jack is supposed to get God somewhere along the line.

Charlie was once religious, the heroin is hidden in the statuette of the Virgin, both to tempt him and to remind him to be good?

Claire names the baby Aaron, though she doesn’t know the meaning. The meaning is, variously: mountaineer, enlightened, or fluent. He was Moses’s older brother, however he was weaker. He was supposed to watch Moses’s cradle–yeah the one that washed down river to Pharaoh’s house. He later served as Moses’s spokeman while M was talking with the burning bush. Aaron lost faith then and several more times after that. (He was Cain to Moses’s Abel? )

All roads lead to Rome? The site of the Vatican. Not that this means anything, but if the writers have such a bent, or are leading viewers puposely in speculating then they are sure dropping lots of clues in that direction.

BTW if you go to the seating chart on Oceanic-Air and click on 42F you get a vid on Ana-Lucia the new character. Yeah. I’m hooked!