Another thing that occurred to me as I was waking up. Which of seemed perfectly logical at the time but now is is getting kinda fuzzy. Walt. He has special powers, right? He’s also about 11, and he’s not really aware of his powers yet. Jesus arguably had special powers too, though no one was aware of them, and there is no record of any miracles performed before he became an adult and suddenly reappeared in Biblical history. But he does go wow the authorities at the temple at age 12, the equivalent of today’s Bar Mitzvah. Walt too is ready to be Bar Mitzvahed. One could argue that miracles have occurred in the lives of nearly all the survivors. Perhaps Walt is about to learn of his special powers.

Also nearly all religious figures are said to have gone through a transformation in which they go somewhere to commune with God, or to comtnmplate their navels or whatever. During this time they get tested and if they pass they get the message of what they are supposed to do with their special powers. Walt just had his transformation?

I don’t think the shows writers have any particular message they are trying to send. I don’t think they really even have the whole season planned out totally. So all theories are meaningless anyway. TV shows are fairly fluid, they may have 4-5 written and pretty solid. They may have 3-4 in the can already. But I think the writers are reading the message boards and rubbing their hands in glee. They have the power to take us all for a fun ride, and maybe they don’t even know yet where we’re going. Yippee.