OK I haven’t seen anyone elses comments yet. So I thought I’d jot a few thoughts…
I love this show!

Benry: “I have lived here my whole life.” But wait, they have cable. Huh?

Ben doesn’t know about the boat. That means he doesn’t know about: Desmond, Penny Widmore, the Widmore corporation… Does he know what Dharma was doing? Are they second gen Dharma? Are they the second team? Were they sent in after the first Dharma team got sick? Were they sent to “vaccinate” the first team (kill them)? Or was it their parents? Since he implies he was born there.

If the first team got sick and they became “feral” are they the whisperers; the mysterious wild people, the ones who really took the children? And are they the ones who weren’t captured and “vaccinated”? Is this group the ones Rousseau (Crazy French Chick) refers to as “the others”? Or are the others Benry’s group? Was Rousseau really a Dharma employee?

Is Juliet weird/creepy or what?

Sun/Jin backstory, meh. I didn’t care really. Sayid, also sort of, nothing…that just didn’t work for me. I expected some action.

Sawyer/Kate. Cute. But, gratuitous. However, I think the storyline could get interesting back at the zoo. ‘specially when Jack turns.

A wild prediction: Jack joins up with Benry’s group, Juliet, Karl, and Alex rebel and help Kate and Sawyer in some kind of escape or sabotage of Benry and his evil plans.
I think we’ll see some very interesting developments in “Otherville” and ultimately there may be a big conflict brewing between the “Losties” the Clean Others, and the Whisperers. Maybe the Whisperers will join up with the Losties… So many possibilities, aint it fun!

Meanwhile we get to see what happened with Locke, and Demond and Eko. A naked Desmond? Woo!