What’d you all think of season 3 episode 1? I liked it! Was a pretty neat twist they threw at us in the beginning huh? I heard that the book they were reading is “The Stand”, and it’s a favorite of the writers, and also has significance in the plot. The whole religious/mythology, new world creation thing (with the survivors in the book).

I watched the show again online while I was prepping images for chapter 7. It’s neat to have two monitors! And I thought it was significant that Juliet seemed to be near tears until she put on the Petula Clark recording. Then I got the distinct impression that she and “Ben/Henry” were married, or in a relationship, that was souring. She seemed to have empathy for Jack and my theory is that she’ll turn and try to help him and Kate and Sawyer try to escape before the season’s out. Maybe she’ll go too.

Crazy. I can’t wait for more!!!

I also watched The Nine. Did you? Looked like it may be worth watching. Also the new show Six Degrees is good. All three are JJ Abrahms creations. All three look like winners to me.

Edit: Also, UNDERWATER HATCH!!! Woo hoo!

(Do you supposed Matthew Fox gets ribbed for crying in every damn episode?)

One other thing, do you think that the creators pick actors who look similar on purpose? Was it me, or did Juliet have a strong resembance to Sarah?

Edit 2: so I heard today that the book was “Carrie.” I wonder why they kept the title covered?