Why is it the Far East when you have to go far west to get here? Well, anyhow it’s really hot and humid here. Humid doesn’t even begin to describe how mildewy I already feel. You don’t need lungs so much as gills. I spent yesterday wandering around in a drizzely fog. I could not tell the difference between the sweat dripping off of me or the rain drops dripping on to me. Such is the weather here in Hong Kong where it’s either hot and humid with sun, or hot and humid with rain, or hot and humid with wind. Take your pick.

Since yesterday was free day, I went down the MTR (subway) line to the west end and browsed the antique stalls on Hollywood Road and Cat Street. Lots of old Chinese stuff, and Mao memorabilia, and junk pretending to antiques, and stuff that may have truely been antique something er other, plus lots of lovely carvings and mass produced trinkets for the tourist trade objects d’art. Then I went back down the line to Causeway Bay and did a little more browsing through an alleyway market called Jardine’s Crescent. This place is crammed with tiny stalls carrying every sort of junk, clothing, household items like mops, plastic containers, and other flotsam of daily life.

From there I moved on to “Times Square,” a mall over the MTR station, and heaven help me, I discovered a bookshop specializing in art and design books. Mostly in English, mostly cheaper than at B&N. Gadz. My two biggest weaknesses, books and art. After three hours of browsing, I managed to leave there with only three books. I’m afraid I may go back though.

Today my business associate is taking me to Shenzhen, China to tour a book bindery and do a little tourist shopping. This journey takes five hours to drive to the border, get through immigration (where I am told they try to shake you down for a bribe), take a train, and tour the factory for half an hour or so. Hmm. And I’m going, why?

Last nite was an adventure from “Fear Factor” as I had dinner at the fish market. Yummy. Not. At least they were dead, I think.

Stay tuned for more…if I make it back from the Peoples’ Republic.