Well another year is history, and we go bravely into the void of the next yet to be written chapter. Or, some such rot.

We had a nice Christmas with the inlaws here at our home. I got a new bike! That was neat and unexpected. I got the hubby a massage chair. It’s ugly, but feels good.

Then south Asia got a nasty New Year’s gift. It’s awful, and our president’s resonse early on was disgraceful. Though I do think he sincerely wants to help, he certainly bungled his chance to redeem himself somewhat in the eyes of the world. We gave to UNICEF for Christmas this year, and again after the Tsunami. It’s about the only thing we can do.

If you haven’t done so yet, and you’re lucky enough to be reading this instead of just trying to survive, you can help a little bit too.

We saw The Aviator on Sunday. I thought it was very good. Scorsese does seem to be taking young Mr. DiCaprio’s acting ability seriously. Leo did a very good job, Oscar worthy? Dunno, but he may get a nomination. Scorsese’s work was brilliant of course. He did a great job of explaining the demons that plagued Howard Hughes. I don’t know who did the screenplay, but the man’s life was certianly tailor made for drama.

I haven’t made any resolutions, which I’d surely break anyway. But of course I’d like shed some poundage, though I haven’t taken any really positive steps to do so, other than walking on the treadmill a bit more often.

Speaking of which, why the heck am I sitting here?