So, this morning I woke up from this dream. It was kind that makes you literally wake up and go, “Huh.”

First I was in the Canandian consulate, somewhere but clearly not Canada because I was preparing to go to the beach. And some young woman came up to me and said she needed a traveling companion. Well so did I, I think. I took her up on it even though we’d just met, and she was over-packed, whereas I just had my backpack. But we took off for somewhere tropical in an airplane. What the Canadian consulate had to do with this I have no idea. This was one of those disjointed dreams where you’re in one place doing something, then suddenly you’re in some other place doing something else, but it all make perfect sense at the time.

So we got whre we were going, and we go out to the beach, my companion goes ahead of me and is settling on the beach. I walk out and join her. As I make my entre she announces loudly to an apparent crowd that has just materialized, “Oh, I came with that FAT LADY there.” Now the strange thing is, that while I looked around for the fat lady, it only took me a second to go, “Oh, heh heh, yeah. It’s me!” and I laugh about it. Not only am I not mad, and perfectly OK with this. I look down and see that I am wearing one of those billowey, blousey bathing suit things like our grannies wore. And, it fits.

But I’m OK with it. So I don’t know what this says about my state of mind. I guess maybe I’ve to terms with my current body shape. Not that I like being that fat lady, but I am not tormented by it I guess. Whatever. So I think I’ll ditch the little bitch and go snorkeling in that beautiful Caribbean blue. (I still have no idea who she is.)

Now if I could really go snorkeling in the Caribbean, heck I’d even wear the blousey granny suit.