So yesterday morning I woke up from a strange dream. I’d have written it down yesterday, but I was just too busy. Still working on moving.
It was weird enough to have stayed with me, which is unusual in itself as most times when I want to remember my dreams, I can’t.

I was at work somewhere, an office situation that I didn’t recognize as anything from real life, but a typical office. Around me were co workers, all women so far as I can remember. Again, not too unusual. But then someone else came into the room. This was an exceptionally beautiful woman. I knew that she was a supervisor, or someone of higher rank. Another woman said quietly to me, she’s one of THEM.

I was not sure what that meant, but later on somehow the knowledge came to me that this woman was one of the “aliens”. Where these aliens came from I am not sure. But they were not of this world. I learned that they are uncommonly beautiful. They look just like humans, except that they are so exquisitely beautiful it is almost painful to look upon them. I saw only females, but I thought that there must be males too. Though I am not certain about that.

What I found out next revolted, frightened, and intrigued me. I was speaking with one of these women, an alien, and she told me that they have a different “lifecycle” than we earth humans. They live approximately one year in the form of a “human-like” being, perfect in every way. Then a transformation takes place. They turn into something completely horrendous, a monster. This form is something like a cross between an insect, and reptile, with lots of slime thrown in for good measure. I don’t know how long this tranformation takes. But she indicated that it happens and there is nothing that can prevent it. They live in this form for approximately another year. During that time, they feed on the “perfect humnoid forms”, and they do this only at night.

I asked her, how they could feed on their own kind? How would they know they weren’t eating a relative, or a loved one? (I guess, in my dream I thought that when they transformed they couldn’t recognize their friends or family.) She indciated that it wasn’t a problem. Their culture had evolved such that the consumption of any being whether a stranger or your great Aunt Betty, it didn’t matter and in fact it was expected. She said that the aliens thought us earth humans barbaric because we only eat animals, and we don’t even want to know them first.

She also told me that the years spent as the “other” form is how they “pay for” their years as a perfect humanoid. I didn’t get whether or not they reproduced…but I kind of got the idea that they just “recycled” and each time they tranformed they become more and more beautiful. There are no young, and they transform into an adult form. Perhaps the other form is the larval form?

I didn’t see any of the “larval” aliens at the workplace. Maybe they don’t work. I didn’t venture to the lunchroom, I thought it unwise.

End of dream.