I really need to keep a pad by my bed for recording snippets of dreams and semi-concious streams of thought. In the last few weeks it has come to my attention (meaning I was thinking I should remember this) that my dreams have been very interesting lately. Some have consisted of various TV shows (LOST) getting all mixed up with real life and not so real life and strange goings on. These would make for some weird storylines, or at least interesting posts.

Other ‘dreams’ have consisted primarily of images. These aren’t dreams so much. Some are damned disturbing, others are abstract, but would make neat painting if I could A. remember them, and B. tranlate them to paint. I’ve been sort of wanting to try some abstract expressionism…but I credit that to watching the G-Force visualizer I have on my iTunes. Freakin weird, but often beautful stuff.

Getting up right now and putting a pad and pen by the bed.