So if you asked me what the best job I ever had would be, I would at anytime in my life have answered: this one! The one I am doing at the time. I’ve had a few sucky jobs, but most have been tolerable, and some have been fun. Very fun. And every one seems like the best ever. Well at least until it doesn’t seem that way anymore. ha.

My first real job besides babysitting or collecting, washing, and packaging eggs on Grandma’s chicken ranch was as a “Frosty Mug Washer” at an A&W Rootbeer restaurant. I made $1.35 an hour, which my dear children was the minimum wage back in those olden days. This was when Rootbeer was served in iced glass mugs, washed, sanitized and frozen by yours truly. I had hoped to be promoted to roller skating carhop, but alas, I didn’t last long at the Rootbeer stand. An opportunity to go to the beach came up and the boss wouldn’t give me the time off, so I quit! Teenage priorities are somewhat skewed, but I never really regretted it. The fact that I never made it to carhop is sort of ironic considering that at the time I was a National Champion roller-skater and one of my later jobs was as a skating teacher!

Over the years I have worked in a few binderies, as a grocery sacker, skating teacher, stripper (a litho film stripper! not an exotic dancer), florist delivery person, a graphic designer, art director, and now a book designer. I love my present job very much and I find designing books is very fulfilling.

But the best job I ever had was mom. Especially when they were little. The time I spent staying home as full time mom will ever be some of my happiest memories. Though the pay sucked, the work was not boring. I developed many skills. I raised my kids and my vegetables. We had milk goats, chickens, and assorted pets and few wild critters hung around too. I chopped wood, baked bread, milked goats, sewed clothes, made cheese, and taught my little girls to read. Nothing’s better than watching your little one take first steps, or milk their first goat! Who can forget the day the training wheels came off, or the training bra went on. Or making cookies with the girls on stools in the kitchen, or teaching them to make donuts with the car on an icy parking lot. (All in the sevice of defensive driving, I assure you!) When the graduations came and went, I knew I wasn’t retired, but I was pretty sure I was ready to move on to other things…and they were too. And that’s how it should be.

But when they were small we were so busy! I still marvel where that energy came from and the time! Where did the time go? I think I got more done before 10 am most days than I do now in a week. But then we didn’t have cable, or the internet. What we had was a darn good time.