I awoke this morning from a very, very strange dream. This is what I can piece together, and it may have been a series of dreams but I am remembering it as one.

I was at work, at my old job. My boss–not my immediate boss, but the president of the company who was often my immediate boss in a way–asked me to have cooked chicken pieces sewn into a quilt. Yeah.

Well, as was often the case I was dumbstruck and unable to tell him at that moment why this is so wrong, in so many ways. But to top it off, my reports and the employees who would be carrying out this bizarre request were Dom and Billy, as their Hobbit alter egos. Uh, huh?

So unable to tell the boss in the meeting with the other department heads that he must be insane, I go back to my area and think about this. I tell my minions about their new task and they are just flabbergasted. But gamely, they try to figure out how this could be done. (Sometimes–employees should ask WHY?)

Time passes and the cooked chicken we’ve been sent (by the cooked chicken department?) is beginning to be not so fresh. Because of course we are not ususally working with cooked chicken pieces and we haven’t been provided with refridgeration.

Meanwhile we learn that Dom and Billy have been called up to be shipped out to Iraq. (Which must be overrun with Orcs by now and needs their Hobbity Orc fighting skills.) So I’m down two chicken piece-quiltmakers. I inform the boss who frets mightily. But is eased when I tell him no worries they can access their email through the internet from the field. (So they’ll be making this quilt of chicken and emailing it home from the front?)

And finally I summon the courage to tell boss man that the chicken quilt simply will not work because the chicken will spoil too fast. That it needs to be refridgerated and that sort of negates the whole purpose of a quilt, no? He is dissappointed in me. Yah, well…

Then thankfully I wake up. Perplexed. Hope Dom and Billy make it home from Iraq OK. WTF?

I am not incharge of my subconcious. And if this dream has something to tell me, I’d sure like to know what it is.