So I got “The Artful Dodger”, Nick Bantock’s monograph? autobiography? illustrated memoir? Whatever it is…I read it last night. He has a pretty unique body of work and his story is interesting. It is about his work, how it evolved, his lucky breaks, and his method, his though processes. It also reveals what HE says it all means…and that’s maybe a little different than what people get from it. An interesting book. Have you read it?

He and Neil Gaiman should get together on a project. Now THAT would be VERY interesting!

Not familiar with Nick Bantock? Oh c’mon, really? Griffen and Sabine?
Well: http://www.nickbantock.com/Catalog_Nick_Bantock.html
and this is always fun: http://www.nickbantock.com/Games/Sage.html
just try it!