As one who really is facing the harsh realities of retirement fairly soon…I am distressed at the general lack of responsibility and denial of life’s realities by the younger generation (not anyone specific) and the ones coming up behind. I can only blame this on my generation and our desire to keep our kids innocent and idealistic far too long, and without insisting on their maturing in this regard. I blame too the feminist agenda. Don’t get me wrong! I never, ever would want to see our daughters give up the choices and opportunities they do now have at the expense and struggle of women who have gone before. It is this very large arena of choices that women have that have caused them to put off until later, much later, the things that were preordained for me, my sisters and our mothers–that is marriage and children. Their career if there was one, was way down on the list priorities. It’s a conundrum for which I have no answers.

Selfishly, I want grandchildren. I also want my daughters to excel in their choice of career and most of all to be happy. Happiness depends at least to some degree on their abilities to provide for themselves. And/or to find mates who they can happily form a life partnership with. I can advise, and suggest, but I am helpless to do anything other than that. They both are trying to find their ways, and they will.

Emily works now with tiny babies, conceived mostly with the help of science, by mothers who put their careers first and who now will be mothers of young ones well into their own retirement years. (Many of the babies will require mothering their whole lives due to health problems and who will do that?) Other women will one day regret that they didn’t make time to have children at all.

At this time in MY life I am realizing that what you do for a career is much less important than when you do it. And the most important thing you do is to nurture your relationships with your spouse or significant other, and your children. Putting off your own career can be a very difficult choice, but it’s one I made that I will never regret. The eggs only last so long…use em while they’re fresh. (and raise kids while you have the energy to do so!)