posted 9/1/05 (well we now know I go t just one casting right-Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter)

Just fer fun let’s cast the movies. Starting withe the last one first, cuz I can’t remember all the characters in the first two.

Lyra–Dakota Fanning (though she’ll be 12 in Feb. and maybe too old in 3 years?)
Voice of Pantalaimon–Hugh Mitchell (Colin Creevey in Harry Potter) or Andy Serkis!
Will–Well hmm. Daniel Radcliff only younger. The kids will be hard to cast.
Roger–Hayley Joel Osmet or if he’s too old… ?
Lord Asriel–Sean Bean
Mrs. Coulter–Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie. Both can play beautiful and bitchy.
Lady Salmakia–Miranda Otto
The Chevalier Tyalis– David Wenham (Faramir)
THE AUTHORITY–A cameo by Anthony Hopkins who could play God or the Devil equally well.
Iorek Berinsen The Armored Bear-King– Voiced by James Earl Jones or John Rhys Davies
Mary Malone–Andie Mac Dowel or someone younger? Julia Stiles
Angel Balthamos– hmm…well of Johnny Depp could do it but it’s too small a part. I know the guy I can’t think of his name… somebody gay and pouty how about Jonny Rhys Myers
Angel Baruch–Orlando Bloom? Or Karl Urban
The Texan (what was his name??) Samuel L. Jackson we need some diversity in this movie!
John Parry/Stanislaus Grumman–Liam Neeson
John Faa–Colm Meany
Farder Coram–Bernard Hill