8/5/04 posted onLJ
Today I took a day off. I went to see Harry Potter–Prisoner of Azkaban. I enjoyed it. There was only one showing at the theater so I guess it isn’t such a big deal anymore. Seems like it was only a main feature for a few weeks. It’s interesting to see how much those cute little kids have grown up in three years. It was quite well done and seemed to move more quickly than the first two movies. As always the special effects and the sets, props, etc. were fabulous. I only wish I could really visit Hogworts! (And Rivendale)

Missy’s “Patronus” picture bears a striking resemblence to what they chose to stage in the movie for that scene. The movie had more glowing stuff, but her picture was really close, and she did it well before the movie. I think if you hadn’t read the books though, this movie was probably a little tougher to follow. Especially for kids. And a bit in intense for the kiddies too.

I have another idea for a painting. And even a little story about it. I’m taking a page from Ursula’s playbook. What you write to go with a picture makes it ever so much more interesting. Tee, hee. Though I can’t come up with any anthropomorphic animals, vegetables or minerals like she can. Mine will just have your regular human kind in it.

I really wish I had more time…yeah I do have more free time since I stopped commuting, but it’s never enough. I fully meant to come straight home, take the dogs for hike, then paint the rest of the evening. I remembered though that I needed an outfit to wear to the Vegas Confidential launch party. Ah, well. Such is the life of a celebrity designer. Ha Ha. I’ll be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous Vegas folk, and I won’t know them from Adam. Just hope the drinks are free and the hors du vors are good.

So anyway I spent the rest of the afternoon searching for a party costume. This is not so easy when you’re not a size 4 and 5’9″. I did manage to find something, but how depressing! I did not paint when I got home either…and I squandered yet another evening. But what the heck I am cutting myself some slack. I do have an idea that interests me, and it may even make a good picture.